FBP #78: Jeff Fieldhouse

March 3, 2021

Jeff Fieldhouse is a Pittsburgh native with a passion for comedy and a love for all types of creative art. He is a stand-up comedian the host of The BabyFace Assassin Podcast. Alongside his girlfriend and producer Danielle Bernick, he has spent the past 2 years building up the brand. The dynamic duo has big plans for the future!

The craziness of 2020 put a temporary halt on comedy, but that didn’t stop Jeff’s progress. He shifted his focus to podcasting and is approaching his 100th episode! Every Monday, The BabyFace Assassin Podcast shines the spotlight on a special guest. Many musicians, comedians, artists, and other creatives have been featured thus far and there are many more to come!

Jeff talks about the origin of the BabyFace Assassin, his experience as a podcaster, his love for comedy, the power of optimism, the importance of self-love, and much more!

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